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IVF Karnataka board meeting took place on 5th June,2017 at Golden Square, Bangalore

Today IVF-Karnataka board meeting took place at 5:30 pm at Golden Square Bangalore attended by 36 members.There was good representation from Youth Wing,Womens wing and Bangalore Chapter. Meeting Started by chanting Gayatri Mantra. President Shri Bipin Ram Agarwal welcomed everybody in his opening address and requested all the members present there to introduce themselves followed by Shri Ajay Bhauwala Secretarys report on the growth and development of IVF-Karnataka in last 6 months. Bangalore chapter report was shared by IVF-Bangalore president Shri Ramesh Mehta and Secretary Shri Prashant Singhi. Womens Wing President Mrs. Raj Agarwal and Youth Wing president Shri Yatish Jain made a presentation on their future programs. Shri Kailash Chand Mittal Vice President shared the development on Matrimonial task. General Secretary Organization Shri Sanjeev Bansal reported on membership development.IVF-Karnataka President Shri Bipin Ram Agarwal shared his vision for IVF-karnataka on 3 points agenda ( 1. Business Empowerment 2. Political Connectivity 3. Social Protection). He encouraged all the members to work even harder towards connecting Vaish in Karnataka. VP Shri Ravi Singhania gave vote of thanks. The highlight of the meeting was the participation from all the members freely expressing their views on the growth and development of the Vaish Community. Meeting ended by singing National Anthem.