Youth Convener

Road Map for IVF Youth Wing

International Vaish Federation Youth Wing has been formed to encourage, motivate and showcase achievement of leading Vaish youth on the IVF platform. The vaish community has produced leading luminaries in the fields as varied as social, cultural, spiritual, political, educational, industrial, literature and journalism. No doubt, this community has defined new parameters of marvelous achievements which are worth emulating for other communities of the societies both nationally and internationally. According to the ancient scriptures, Vaish evolved from Brahmas thighs. Its duty was to ensure the community’s prosperity through agriculture, cattle rearing and trade. Later, they became traders and merchants. As the twice-born vaish community became economically strong because they controlled commerce. Many of the influential among them were honored with glorious titles. The word bania which is more prevalent today has actually been derived from the sanskrit word vanik meaning trader.


An energetic mind, a dynamic thinking and business DNA describes the Vaish Youth.The mission is based on the working on eight golden principles of empowerment, devotion, contentment, meditation, cooperation, team work, tolerance and giving back to society. The mission of IVF Youth wing is to encourage theVaish youth from all around the world, to join hands in making the world a healthier, wealthier and environmentally sustainable place for our generations.


IVF Youth wing will continually strive to connect the Vaish Youth all across the globe, and improve the living standard of humans everywhere and contribute to the dream of making world a better place for our coming generations. “Empowering Vaish Youth for a Shining Future”

Road Map

To achieve the vision and mission the IVF youth wing will embark upon following activities on regular basis: 1. Form the IVF Youth wing in every city with active working committees. 2. Plan activity annual activity calendar based on the guiding principles of vision and mission 3. The main theme words “Healthier, wealthier and environmentally sustainable” will be the basic inherent aim for each activity undertaken. 4. Youth wing will reinforce Vaishyouth working in different sectors of the society by motivating them to inculcate values and determinations for their physical, mental, social, family relations, economical and spiritual life so that they can face the destructive technology, destructive economy and destructive social life challenges with courage, determination, better understanding and be victorious over them, to be able to cooperate positively in rebuilding specifically the family, the society and in general and the Nation.