About Founder President

Widely regarded as a man of great essential, Ramdas Agarwal is an era in himself. Though Ramdas Agarwal needs no introduction, but if one has to introduce him a spotless image, an active participant in social welfare and commendable personality are a few synonyms which can come to help. Ramdas Agarwals personality has won him many laurels from all echelons of society. During the past five decades of political career, he remained a firm believer of moral, ethical and familial values. Based on them, he has kept his image spotless during the entire political innings, in which he has held many important positions. Three-time undisputed member of Rajya Sabha, two-time BJP vice-president and national treasure of BJP, this man has taken the party to new heights. A firm believer of RSS ideology, he has the ability to take the country with a stride. With a blend of spiritual mind and hard working attitude, Ramdas ji has sailed through choppy and calm waters, and created a niche for him. 

Ramdas Jis great vision for the society and the community led him to nurture and power the International Vaish Federation for which he is the Founder President. Ramdas Ji, who firmly believes and follows Gandhi ji in his approach, also stands for the fact that Unity is strength. We has a great vision for the Vaish Samaj and he is now working towards connecting Vaish people world over. 

Today, this BJP man commands the respect of all parties in the country, including Opposition. An innovative and progressive approach towards work helped him successfully fulfill varied responsibilities, given to him during his political career. The newfangled way with which he comes out of every task amazes others. 

Despite being a successful leader and an admirable figure, Ramdas ji has always remained approachable and gratuitous towards people of his region, and in general. Carrying the legacy of strong leadership, he reflects an intellect, principles and staunch support for growth. 

Ramdas ji is a visionary, who is ahead of his time. In fact, the way he wanted to take on politics is what we all are looking at today. His ideas to make it a social service, instead of a profession, have conquered many hearts. It is this quality of him, throughout life, that continues to leave a mark on others. 

Born on 17 March 1937, Ramdas ji is an observant on-looker of pre-partition time. That spirit of fighting and enthusiasm of working towards benefitting people is running in his veins. Came from an affluent family, Ramdas ji is born to Shri Rameshwardas Agarwal and Maina Devi. He grew up in a joint family, along with his five brothers, which inculcated and made him a firm believer of familial values. He has inculcated the same among his sons and daughter. 

Since his younger days, besides education, his interest in sports, competitions and debates has shaped his personality. Restlessness and hunger for knowledge took him to college, where he studied B.Com, and later on, attained Ph.D in Hindi literature. A born fighter and hard task.