About IVF

Connecting Vaish World over.. For Community Empowerment

About IVF

International Vaish Federation is a global social organization of Vaish (Vaishya) community people of all walks of life including businessmen, knowledge workers, social workers and all other professionals reflecting the glory of ethical practices in business and life. IVF is here to share, engage and contribute for socio, economic and political empowerment of each Vaish living anywhere in the world. IVF will carry forward the legacy of our fore fathers of service to mankind and contribution to society to make a positive change in the lives of people every time, everywhere.


IVF will provide a strong platform and opportunity to every Vaish (Vaishya) community member to grow personally and professionally besides a sense of pride to serve your community whom you belongs to in a transparent and accountable manner.  We are here to  -

  1. Network with community people - locally and globally.
  2. Empower Vaish community economically, socially and politically.
  3. Leverage common resources for your - employment, matrimonial, Financial assistance, business, emergency and social security.


International Vaish Federation is committed to developing ethical business practices, value based education, knowledge institutions, economic empowerment, political empowerment and to have spiritual awakening to perpetuate the Vaish principles of non-violence, noble charities and peaceful living with compassion and have harmonious, happy and a healthy humanity.

-: Economic :-

  1. Assistance to Vaish candidates preparing for Central and State Civil Services, Medical and other Competitive Examination.
  2. Helping Vaish candidates to pursue their professional Studies.
  3. Pursuing and encouraging Vaish employers to prefer minimum 15% of community employees.
  4. Helping qualified and skilled Vaish people to get gainfully employed.
  5. Facilitating skill and entrepreneurship development program.
  6. Pension and social security to be provided for Tax Payers. Reservation for members of forward community at all levels.

-: Social :-
  1. Pension and social security schemes.
  2. Security, protection and support to senior Vaish citizens.
  3. Restraining wasteful expenditure on social functions particularly marriages.
  4. Organizing health awareness, yoga and meditation camps.
  5. Encouraging social harmony by participating and inviting members from other communities.
  6. Organizing seminars, debates and workshops on relevant social issues.
-: Art and Culture :-

  1. Organizing art and cultural festivals:
  2. Essay Writing, Drawing, Painting, Music, Dance Plays and theater
  3. Creating awareness of the true fundamentals and basics of Vaish culture.

-: Women Empowerment, Children and Youth Development :-

  1. Providing education and social support to women.
  2. Organizing Inter State and Inter Ghatak children games.

-: Political :-
  1. Developing political leadership.
  2. Bringing about awareness and ensuring that Vaish Community must vote 100% during all elections.
  3. Supporting those contesting election from Panchayat to Parliament.

-: Awards and Facilitation :-

  1. Granting Vaish Ratan for outstanding contribution by members of Vaish Community.
  2. Granting Vaish Chakra to outstanding Professionals belonging to Vaish Community. 
  3. Granting Vaish Yuva to outstanding contribution by a youth in the field of sports, entertainment, media, book writing etc, belonging to Vaish Community.

International Vaish Federation is committed to developing ethical business practices , value based education, knowledge institutions, economic empowerment , political empowerment and to have spiritual awakening to perpetuate the Vaish principles of nonviolence, noble charities and peaceful living with compassion and have harmonious, happy and a healthy humanity. 

: Objectives :

Connecting and Uniting influential and powerful Vaish businessmen, industrialists and knowledge workers around the world for noble causes such as Service, Knowledge, Economic Empowerment, Social Upliftment and Spiritual Enlightenment of the community. Leveraging and promoting Vaish managed knowledge Institutions , hospitals , businesses , finances , charity organizations and other trade establishments. Building a platform for young entrepreneurs to connect with the right resources and contacts for businesses. Promoting and supporting every Vaish in business , leadership and governance. To provide a platform to young entrepreneurs to interact and gain purposeful knowledge from the experienced and well established business leaders. Working together and helping each other for making a diseasefree, violencefree, enemyfree, conflictfree, ignorancefree, povertyfree social order for ensuring a happy, contended and satisfying living for all.

: Directions 2020 :

  1. Every Vaish above the age of 30 years should become a tax payer.
  2. One member of every Vaish family should be a member of IVF.
  3. Every Vaish family should have an operating Bank A/c in a Bank operated by a Vaish.
  4. Every Vaish family should subscribe to a National and one Sate Newspaper run by a Vaish.
  5. Every Vaish family should resolve its legal disputes out of court through Vaish Arbitration Council.
  6. Every Vaish should visit Agroha once in life time.
  7. Every Vaish above the age of 18 yrs. should be member of one of the various cells of IVF and contribute socially.

: Cell :

Youth , Art and Culture , CA ,  Doctor , Entertainment , Industry - Domestic ,  Industry - Heavy , Industry - Small , Information Technology , International Relation , Legal , Media , Sports , Traders