Know About President

About President

Shri Ashok Agrawal is the President of International Vaish Federation (IVF); son of Late Shri Ramdas Ji Agarwal, Founder President of IVF, who was a born entrepreneur, three-time Member of Parliament, and a distinguished social figure in the country. Shri Ashok Agrawal is a visionary whose long and marvelous contribution in the mining industry spanning not just across various states in the country but also in the Middle East. 

His commitment towards the business has won him several laurels and prestigious Work Safety Awards from the President of India. It was his grit and foresight that has laid the firm foundations of the business, which now aspires to attain greater heights. The business is all set to carve out a niche for themselves in Global Solar Energy Markets. With a mission to bring green power into our lives and improve the human environment by providing efficient clean energy. He has also served in Rotary International RI Dist. 3260 as President, Asst. Governor etc. & also contributed to Rotary Foundation to become MULTIPLE PAUL HARRIS FELLOW (MPHF).


Dear Vaish Brothers and Sisters,

We all know a universal fact that whenever Vaish gets together, problems get smaller. When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple : We serve. And our service is unconditional not now but from very existence of the community going back to centuries ago.

Geographical boundaries have lost their relevance in todays global village concept and virtual world therefore Vaish leaders from all over the world felt the need to set up International Vaish Federation to share, engage and communicate for socio, economic and political empowerment of each Vaish living anywhere in the world. Being global, we can address challenges that go beyond borders. IVF is committed to engage and share all the resources wherever needed in the world and carry forward our legacy to make a positive change in the lives of people every time, each time, anytime.

Therefore IVF invites and appeal all fellow Vaish from the world over to become a united force as a contributor, collaborator and co-workers for its objectives by joining your own global platform IVF. With our combined power and global network we would be better placed to address and solve issues not only of trade and industry, social and political but what matters us most and making this planet a better place for human being in coexistence with nature earth.

So let us join hands together with a pledge of making better tomorrow.

Sincerely yours                                                                   

Ashok Agrawal